Will yz426f radiators fit yz400f?

I am wondering if the yz426f radiators are a bolt in on a yz400f. I am told the 426 has slightly bigger radiators than the 400 and I would like the additional cooling. I don't want to have to rebuild the whole bike to do it however. Aftermarket tusk rads are available, but only listed for the 426. If they would work, I think it would be worth a shot. Thanks in advance!

Years ago I used a radiator from 2001 yz426 on my 98 WR400 and it bolted right up. Don't know for sure if yours will or not but I would lean toward yes.

Thanks for the info. I guess I will maybe give it a try. I really would like to gain some additional cooling as I do a lot of slow technical moving when out hill climbing and it likes to get pretty warm.

I don't know for sure but WR400/426 radiators are probably bigger and may help more.

I just fitted Fluidyne 426 radiators to my 400. They bolt straight in, the shrouds need to changed however to 426 shrouds because the 426 radiators have a different mounting point.

Yes the 426 radiators are larger, they are wider by a core.

For the Fluidyne radiators, the top hose is a smaller diameter than the standard 400 hose, so this needs to be changed.

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