WRF 2004

Anybody already got the new 2004 wr? :D Is it worth it? I ordered one yesterday. :) The dealer expect it in the beginning of october... Thanks everybody.

(I can't help you any) But sure would like to here from you after you have a few miles on your new 450 though. I wanted one in 2003. But too many bugs. I am just hoping they have all the bugs out of it this year. Were I ride it would be a long push back.

I am riding a 2000 WR400F sur would like ele. start!!!!!!

bugs have been worked out for 04

What have they done on the 04 to solve the woodruff problem? What other bugs have they sorted out?

You sure have missed out on a good ride. Its great to have a forum like thumper talk to chat about the wr450 but I think some things have been blown way out of perportion, causing a panic that not need be. My 450 runs great, had no problems and I think I speak for 90 percent of all wr450 owners. Just my 90 cents. :DDont beleive the hipe :)

I agree with you, but by buying a used 03 from a private party, you don't have the luxury of heading to the dealership when things start going wrong.

I'm getting a feel for the market right now and am about to buy my wr450 (new or used) :). I've just sold my old bike, so only recently have I been able to consider buying one.

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