2002 yzf 426

Hey I am thinking of buying a coworkers 426. Seems to be in great shape. I was wondering what you all think of these bikes? What are they like?

Use the search, lots of good stuff. I have a '01, so far so good

They're great. Buy it. Especially if your co-worker is the 'fastidious' type!

i also went out on a limb about four months ago, i come form a two smoke back round and i only have one thing to say..... amazing! ok well not perfect, a little heavy...but stable, a little less snappy than the newer bikes. but comming from my back round, a great transition, not too crazy, they do have thier own personality thou... also keep in mind they are 9 to 11 years old... somethings got to give sooner or later. Oh and one more thing, if you live in cali. the 426 is the closest thing you can get to a 450 and still be green sticker. good luck and hope you enjoy it if you get it!!!

Great bike! it is a little heavy but its power makes up for it.

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