'08 YZ450F purchase advise

Hi - Was looking for an opinion(s) on this used bike before I buy - 2008 YZ450F with a stroker crank, displacement is 474cc, full ProCircuit Ti exhaust, Factory Connection suspension set up for sand (Southwick), Pirelli scorpion sand tires for $3000. Is the stroker kit a good mod? How does this year YZ450 handle in the sand? I'm used to an 05CRF450 ... thanks!

Make sure you get the suspension set up for you and it will handle great. If you buy the bike I would make sure you get the suspension paper work from the seller and contact Factory Connection to seek their advice. Don't assume that it's going to be set up for your needs, no matter what the seller says. I can't really offer any advice on the stroker kit.

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