Air Filters / Molybdenum Disulfide Grease

Hi everyone,

What a great forum. I just bought my first bike ('01 426), so I'm a new to motorcycles. Two quick questions:

1) Manual calls for molybdenum disulfide grease. I have been unable to find the stuff, can I just use Bel-Ray waterproof.( for suspension linkage.)

2) Do I use solvent (AKA Kerosene) or soap and water to clean my air filter?


Those are good questions. I use Yamalube but also Bel-Ray waterproof grease. I too wondered briefly about what the manual calls for here and also couldn’t find any grease with that in it. Maybe I should have tried harder but I’ve got many hours on all my bearings and all is well. I do have some molybdenum disulfide assembly lube...

I occasionally use diesel to clean my air filter, I don’t see anything wrong with that either, although I prefer that PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner in the aerosol can. Not as messy. If I had a parts cleaner/solvent tank I would might always use diesel...

I’ve also heard of guys using soap (like Simple Green) and water but I’ve never tried this. I would think it is pretty difficult to get some of these really sticky filter oils out with just soap.

We are likely to hear about No Toil at some point, I don’t like it, but it is a very popular way to maintain air filters. It comes in “kit” form with cleaner, filter, and oil, you have to use them together. I will say that the cleaning process is pretty easy, I just don’t like how gooey the oil is. Just me bein’ me...

You can use any good quality grease for the bearings. The hot oil passing thru the steering stem melts out grease within a few good hard rides. I use disc brake bearing grease in the steering stem because it seems to hold up to the heat better.

Cleaning air filters are a personal choice. I used gasoline for many years and recently got a solvent tank and now use that. I have never had the glue melt out of the filters. I just tried the No Toil system but have not had to clean the filter yet. (They do not get very dirty when you are sitting on the couch nursing a bad knee and sipping your favorite beer!!)


Moly grease is typically used in high stress areas where the grease may wear thin. Other grease will provide lubrication, but the parts will probably wear out more quickly. Mobil makes moly grease, it's called "XHP222 Special". You MUST specify the special, because the regaulr XHP222 doesn't have the moly in it. It was tough to find, I found it at an oil distribution warehouse and had to buy a case of it. I've got free tubes for the first 3 people who speak up and want it (please get it out of my garage!). You can read about it here (fear the size of this link):

For the air filter, I've had wonderful success with air filter cleaning solvents. Using fuels or other flamable liquids is too dangerous for my taste, especially gasoline. Gasoline fumes are heavy and can puddle on the floor and cause trouble..

Moly disulfide grease can be found in small tubs or tubes at any auto parts store. It's the black stuff. I use it on all pivots but the steering stem. There I use Silkolene. This excellent grease does not melt out and is good for 6-12 months.

As Scott said, I've seen a couple different brands of Moly grease at Autozone. It's usually about $3.00 for a small tub.

As for Air filter oil, I use No-Toil and wouldn't use anything else. Works great for me.

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Steve123, Do not use grease, its a pain in the ass. It gets all over everything and the air box is tight to get in to and is just a pain. I use PRO-SEAL, its a foam ring that goes on around where there grease would be. You must take the air box cage out to clean it real good(contact cleaner), you must get all the old residue off for the foam ring sticky to stick like it should. Make sure you put your air box cage back correct so you have no air leaks. Now you will not have to put grease on any more, and you will love it. No more mess and it works great, I have not had any dirt leak through on mine. I ride at tower city, and it is very dusty there and it has held up so far. As for the air filter, I use PJ1 air filter cleaner and then I clean it with saop and water, let it dry real good. Then I use PJ1 air filter spary filter oil, makes it real easy to get an even coat on the filter and it has always done an awsome job of keeping the tower city coal dust out of my engine. It is also a good idea to have an extra oil filter, oiled and ready to go, so while the one is drying you just put the extra one on. Then oil the extra one at your convenence, then its ready to go for your next cleaning. This has been the easy and less hassle way for me to go and I'm sure it will work just as easy for you. ENJOY THE BEAST!!! ~Hit-man~


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!

O'ya I use the bel-ray waterproof grease for all the other grease needed areas(Works great). ENJOY!!! ~Hit-man~


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!

I have used nothing but Silkolene on my current and last bike for those greezin areas, it has yet to fail or allow excess wear.....

Thanks for all the help!!!


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