YZ450F stator


does anyone know what the output capacity is on a YZ450F standard stator ? Also, the typical output voltage undeer load? (ie. +/-15V, 1A)?

If you mean an '03-'09, and are referring to driving lights, they have no capacity for that whatsoever. There are "rewinds" available that will produce 55w AC/35w DC, but none that I know of are reliable at all.

The '10+ EFI stator produces upward of 110w, and the entire system is DC already, so it could theoretically support lights IF the lights were switched. The EFI system needs ALL of the electrical energy while starting in order to run the fuel pump etc., at cranking speeds.

I'm not planning to run driving lights off them, I was just curious to see that the all cabling from the stator is unprotected (no fuse etc.).. But there's a bit of an unorthodox approach to protecting the cables, in that if there's a fault on one of the cables, or you place a load higher than say 15W on the bikes cabling, the bike automatically cuts out as there's no longer enough energy supplied to the spark plug to keep the bike running...

My bike has some low power consuming lights on it that came with the bike.. there's a regulator which converts the AC voltage from the stator into DC, but all of the bikes cabling (to the regulator and CDI) is unprotected... The existing cabling from the bike will easily handle at least 5A without getting hot... I'm assuming the stator can produce no where near this much current without the bike cutting out or the coils frying..

Is this common practice on these bikes? (ie. no fuses etc. bike on cabling)

I've never seen a fuse on a dirt bike for the ignition system, if that's what you're asking.

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