yzf 450 2010 Yoshi Insert Question

Hi there,

currently i am running a full rs4 system on my yz450f, if i was to remove the insert and spark arrestor what difference would the make to my bike if any?

many thanks


It would definitely make it louder. Also, depending on how open your airbox is, it could make the bike run lean as you would get increased airflow. Not sure of the year of your yzf, but could require rejetting if carbureted.

Its a 2010 model cheers

I have the same bike, same system and I removed it after talking to Yosh tech. It is much louder (not good), but does make more power. Yosh makes 94 and 96dB inserts with no spark arrestor. I'm considering a 96dB insert. If you call their tech line they are very helpful.

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