03 WR450 3" factory Excel wheel. Need Help!

Maybe I'm the only one out there (but I doubt it) that just doesn't want to spend 1/3 of the cost of my bike to get the supermoto feel for the street. I've been looking at wheels and I really don't want to or have an extra $700.00 just sitting around. What size street tire can I fit on my factory 18" rear wheel? I can see upgrading the front to an 18" or 17" to help drop the front end for better cornering. Is a 17" 4.5" that much better on the rear than my factory 18" by 3" wide? we are only talking a 1/2" in overall height. I do understand you can fit more meat on a 4.5" wheel but for street use is it worth it. Please help!

The height is a very small part of the equation, it is the width (and the driving force) that matters. A 4.5 wide wheel is more than 60% wider. If you do not think that is a lot, imagine 50% more power or a salary increase of 60%.

SM uses 17" ties because when the sport come on, the only suitable tires were 17's and sport bike rims. Even today, thjere is not enough volume out there for a tire manufacturer to make 18" SM tires. If they were made they'd be $200~$300 each. I'd rather buy the wheel and pay $100 a tire.

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