WR450 Front Brake Line Defect and WR450 Review:


I purchased a 2003 WR450F in February of this year and its been great! I sold a custom framed (chromoly-perimeter) 98 KX500, 99 KX250 and 01 DRZ400 to buy it and its filled all 3 roles admirably. I've got a YZF cam, power now and the normal assortment of skid plate, brush guards and radiator guards. The bike (S/N 2360) has not exhibited the woodruff key failure, but it has taken to "popping" the front brake lines. At 30 days it blew the first one and the dealer I bought it from called Yamaha and found that this was a fairly common occurance. They covered it and it worked great until about 3 weeks ago. Out on the trail it did the same thing. The bike has not been down, (okay its been dropped, but not DOWN) and its in pristine condition. The front brake line gets a pinhole under the outer cover where the line bends by the handlebars. Its done it twice now and the main issue I have is locating a readily available aftermarket replacement. I would let Yamaha put another one of theirs on, but I went on hold for 1.5 hours yesterday with no luck. (Whats up with "customer satisfaction?") I decided I'd check what I'd pay for one from Yamaha and was told $133! All my sources put an aftermarket one out till' the end of September. Does anyone know where I could get one soon??? Its my only bike now and I truly enjoy it, but I'm a hazard to other bikers, wildlife and myself without a front brake!!

Please help!! Thanks!!!

check www.rockymountainmc.com i think they had some stainless steel braided ones for like 90 bucks or so... pretty good deal as far as i can see :D:)

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