Boots for wide foot

I want to get a new pair of boots. I have a wide foot EEE.

Can anybody tell me if the Tech 6 or 8 comes in wide sizes? How about any other brand?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Steve- I have a wide foot and wear Tech 8's and really like them. I'm not sure how many widths they come in but I am an E and I just tried on a pair off the shelf and they fit from day one...



I too wear EEE and have not been able too find ANY boot that comes in wide widths. The Tech 8's dont come in wide widths either.

Meanwhile, I just grit my teethe and wear my Oneal 840's. Good luck, if you come across any, please fill me in! :)

<h2><font color="navy">Gaerne's are nice and wide :)</h2>



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