125lb intermediate rider, 2011 yz450f questions

Looking to scoop up an 11 soon. Im coming off of an 06 yz250f modded to the hilt by williams motowerx and completely set up for me.

The thing is I have new bike fever and was wondering if this 450 will put me at a disadvantage due to my stature. I like small bores, ride them well, and they keep you on your toes. Im 5'11 125 stringbean style lol and im almost afraid the 450 will beat me up. Btw, rode an 11 red450 and didnt like it much even compared to my 250f. Lets here the opinions from the featherweights!

Heres a good vid to compliment this thread:

hmmm, gain some weight?

Ice cream!

Btw, rode an 11 red450 and didnt like it much even compared to my 250f.

What didn't you like about the red 450?

What didn't you like about the red 450?

The front end was pretty brutal for me. It deflected off everything and the suspension was way to stiiff in the upper part of the stroke, but didnt absorb the bigger landings. It was also very easy to stall. It was light and easy to start when hot, but seems like it would take a ton of testing and setup to get it comfy. Plus, nothing IMO compares to the yami kyb sss stuff off the showroom.

At your weight, it simply is never going to be fair to compare any stock motorcycle to one set up with the right springs. If your 250F was resprung for you, bear in mind that the stock 450's are typically setup for riders who weigh between 170-185 pounds. While I agree with you that KYB is well ahead of Showa, either the Honda or the YZ450 is going to need at least a set of springs to get you in the ball park.

One other plus that you might consider with the YZ is that you have the ability with the GYT-R tuner to dial back the power some if you want. One thing about the 250F's is that most good riders can pretty much just rip into the throttle with impunity and never get in trouble with them. The 450 takes a lot more energy just to manage the power. But mellowing it out for a while while you adjust to the bike could be very helpful.

I agree with the stuff above but you have to really think why you would get a 450. My reasons are that I am 6'4" 200lbs. and it is easier for me to clear jumps on the 450 (I had a 250F for a while as well) and that the 450 requires less maintenance.

At 125 lbs. you sound like a pretty good fit for a 250 and at your weight I would definitely stick to them.

If you like the 250f's, then why switch ? Unless you want to try something different ? I'll 3rd or 4th what's been said already, it's unfair (to the 450) to compare your personalized/set-up for you 250f to a stock 450f but I'm sure you realize that already. If you want a change, then go with the 450 and set it up for you & how you ride. If you're good with staying with the 250f's, then do that.

The video is awesome, but IMO the music sucks..... :ride::thumbsup:

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I didn't realize that was in the vid. You are definitely gettin' after it. At your skill level it wouldn't hurt to try out a YZ450 that properly set up for you. Like Gray said you can take measures to de-tune it until you get comfortable on the bike. If you do though I wouldn't even get it on the track until you have the suspension at least re-sprung. A re-valve is worth looking into also.

That is not him in the video... Rofl

That is not him in the video... Rofl

LOL, I guess I should have noticed that the guy was riding a YZ450F in the video.

If you have the williams mods done to the YZ, why not put a big bore kit on it and run it against the 450's? Assuming you aren't already running the open class. I have heard that a motor like that can keep up with the 450's and with your weight you would not be giving up much to them. You could bulk up too, which would help with the hanging on part. I've never owned a 450 but have ridden them. Seems like my whole racing career I was running smaller displacement against bigger and I would love to race one just to know that the difference was not the bike. If you can afford a new bike in this economy, more power to you! Just remember you won't be able to sell it for much if you decide to go back to a 250f.

How do you like the williams mods? What did you have done? My head and carb are being done by Jesse right now. I'm going to try it as a 250 first then put the big bore on. I'm running a 250 in the open class right now. It keeps up real well but I lose a second out of each corner.

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