03 450 f

Hello all I have a 03 or 04 450 can't remember which and it is a solid machine. It is all stock that I know of except the person that had it before me sent it off to Litz Performance to get the suspension set up for them. It is soft for me and hopefully this winter I can get the suspension reset for me, but on with the question. The bike has a 15 tooth driver and a 49 rear sprocket on it. With little effort I can carry the front wheel for as long as I want.Even with the tall gearing. I have taken it to Royal Farms here in Kentucky and ripped through their trails with it, but it wore me out riding the clutch all the time on some of the technical 2 track stuff.I plan on running some woods races with it and was wonder for those of you that have the 4 speed what sprockets are you running? I would love to have a rekluse but dont see me spending 7 on one of those yet. Sorry for the book.

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