2010 Throttle cable removal

My return cable is frayed and is only holding on by two strands. The cables come together (meaning)...When you buy the throttle cable you get the pull and the return and all new rubber grommets. (Its all one piece).

The only way on this bike that I found was the easiest way to get to the cables to take them off was.......You have to take the whole intake breather off. Just unscrew the upper Rad shroud screws and then the top screw for the air breather and then the two screw at the bottom for the breather.

Then unscrew the clamp that holds the boot on for the intake and then unplug the air sensor and lift the breather off the bike.

Now you can gain access to the door on the throttle body for the cables. Just take the two allen bolts out the door and open it up and unhook the cables.

Its a lot more to do on these EFI bikes to get to the cables than the carb models.

How many hours were on the cable when you discovered it frayed? I broke one of the plastic input pieces to the throttle housing and figured it out because whenever I turned the bars the RPM's went up! OBTW tried to buy some nice Motion Pro throttle cables but they don't seem to make them for the '10 and up yet. They do make the clutch cable.

I'm in the middle of doing this now (EFI 2011 YZ450f throttle cable replacement) and had to jump on TT to see if it was really necessary to do all this work for a throttle cable replacement. I've determined the same as Knobby, i've removed the airfilter box/boot and see the two allen screws for the throttle housing door, the CDI box looks like it's obstructing, but i'll try it without removing that too. Coming from a 04 then 06 YZ450f and throttle cable replacements on both of those, this is definitely double the work and double the time.

Also, no more MotionPro aftermarket cables...could only find OEM, which is completely fine.


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