WANTED 99' WR 400 Fork cartdidge or Forks!!!!!!!!!

Please somebody HELP!!!!!!! I just purchased a 99 YZ 400. Switching from the street (R1) to the dirt. After riding it about 5 times I noticed a leak in the fork seal. I took it in and it was discovered that the previous owner had the forks worked on and the technician put the white plastic piece at the top of the rod back in UPSIDE DOWN! I am screwed big time! I need two fork cartridge assemblies. The cartridges are very expensive from Yamaha. I was wondering if anybody had some or even the whole fork that I could buy and save some money? The cartridge has to be a 99' YZ or WR 400 only. The whole fork I am not sure but I would prefer that to keep the stock setup. Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!

Check ebay - search for "YZ 426" then bookmark. They have stuff like this all the time, usually cheap.

Somebody was trying to sell an Ohlins off his C'dale in the for sale section here....

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