XR650R Springs

I just got my first XR650R and would like some advice on spring rates.The bike is a 2000 model and is dual sported. I weigh 218 without any gear and ride mostly single track trails and dual sport. No track riding. I am a slow A rider and a fast B rider. I would also like to know what weight fork oil to go with. I plan on getting a rear spring and fork springs and having the forks cleaned out. The bike has about 500 easy road and dualsport miles. Thanks in advance. Mike :)

The Eibach .45kg fork springs with 2.5wt Golden Spectro fork fluid would be right on. http://f2.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/8F5TP4vqVXI7ofNfXUb5KLfkUdFMXYNrUKVg09q2p-HWyNs_w2CPRWUD7j67RaR1k1ZiFQ7PAJMRbvEwjUPrFMD1kk8/XR650R%20forks..doc And a 10kg Shock spring with Maxima 3wt shock oil. 240# Nitrogen stack the shims by moving the secound stage cross over shim so that all the shims go from biggest to smallest on both the rebound and compression. You will be able to run whoops at a much faster pace with this set up and will be good for some air at your wieght. You would go stiffer if you were planning table tops and such but, for what you have planned this will be more than spot on.

Nice/interesting posts above. Shim stack secrets...! Try 110mm of oil with the springs out. I would go a bit heavier with the oil-3 or even 5 weight, but i've never tried 2.5 in the BRP and maybe i should...

www.racetech.com has some interesting stuff also...Eibach and Racetech springs are made in the same factory, little difference.


I stiffen up the shim stack when going to 2.5wt fluid in the forks by replacing three shims of the compression stack ( (1) 22mmX.10mmX8mm, (2) 20mmX.10mmX8mm, with (2) 21mmX.15mmX8mm shims). I also mill the valve hole with a #27 drill bit. This makes for a plusher ride and can handle the table tops at the track. I was just giving the easy setup for the serious trail rider that's not going to jump the bike. If you going to get any air you would want to go with .47kg fork springs and 10.5kg shock spring.

I don't know why the link in the my first post dosn't work but, it's a link to a page of step by step of the front forks. It's found in the file section of http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/XR650R

in the http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/XR650R/files/ file section as 'XR650R Forks..doc' I am still working on it and the spelling. I use 105mm oil messured form the top of the for tube with the fork collapsed and no spring. There are pictures.

BWB #63

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