Where to get fork springs?

Im having trouble finding the right spring rate springs for my rider weight and type of riding. The rear spring is easy to find. However i'm looking for front fork spring that are .52 and i stiffest ones i can find are like .48 one step up from stock. Just wondering where you other 426 riders got your springs at?

I have been some more searching and found that springs up to 2003 will fit in my 2001 shocks let me know

i see a few people have looked at this thread and no one has any ideas? i did find a set of .49's and i weight 250 and 6' and do a lot of trail riding, but if i feel like hitting a 70' triple i can. will those work with maybe some 10w fork oil

I have looked everywhere I can think of. Race Tech, Enduro Engineering, MX-Tech, Factory Connection, OEM, Eibach. The highest I can find is .49 from Factory Connection. I would get on the phone and call some of these spring manufacturers and see if there's something available that's not in their catalog.

yeh thats all i could come up with also but the more i watch videos of two strokes i miss them so i tried to tune the suspension on my bike and set the sag with stock stuff and its working pritty good. Good enough to trial ride. One another subject if ne one is reading this has ne one had trouble getting the back tire on their 426 to hook up? in field i gun it it just wants to spin and it sucks hill climbing just spin all the way hell if i know my kx 250 never did that. Or am i just not used to so much torque?

Did you know that "anyone" and "ne one" take the same number of keystrokes?

Try SMART Performance for the springs you're looking for

Found them!!!! the performance place did NOT have them. However they sent me to a place in OK Canyon Craft Racing inc. They had the .52 on the shelf! Fast Shipping and if anyone needs a special spring they will make it! with a lead time of only 7-10 days to your door! Though i would get this info out there and help some bigger ppl who ride out there:banana:

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