E Series / Stock Header

saw a picture of someones 426 with stock header and E series muffler how do you manage that and is it worth the trouble? I was wondering how many disks to put on and what jets to run im in ohio not sure what level but i would imagine not much higher than sea level

[hi dude ive just put a e series muffler on my 2000 yz426 the other day and its just a bolt on fit that lines up with the stock header.All i had 2 do was lossen the header off at the cylinder a wee bit just 2 let the 2 pipes find there natural postion.i havent had a good chance to 2 test it yet just a quick ride round the my track but the jetting felt fine as it was and it felt alot crisper off the bottom.ill keep u posted on how it goes after the weekend after i get a good chance to test it more. ps mine muffler has 10 discs and a open end cap on it catch u lata

I've got the whole set up on my '99 420. Watch out for the brake reservoir. You may want to fab. a small bracket to lower it away or it will melt out and leak brake oil everywhere. I use 12 discs, richer jetting on pilot and main. Sounds / looks awsome.

<font color="navy">I have the same setup. E-Series exhaust with the stock header. I'm running 16 discs (I had to buy more) and a 165 main jet. I live in Port Huron, Michigan and twice a year myself and a big group of guys go to the Monday Creek area south of Columbus. The trails kick a$$ down there! My bike runs excellent here and down there in the foothills of the Appalacians. Its a great setup!

Forgot to mention:

the exhaust slid right on, perfect fit.</FONT>



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