swamped it bad

was riding some new trails with freinds last weekend and came up to a small jump with water on the other side. since it was new to me i rolled it, right into a 4 foot deep hole as in chinese wheelie. needless to say, i stopped dead in my tracks and fell over. the bike stalled, sucked water and floated on its side for a few seconds until i could get it up and out. i kicked it over quite a few times with decomp lever pulled and i don't think a lot of water came out. since it would not start after that and a tow back to the garage, i replaced the plug and air filter and cleaned out the airbox. suprisingly (sp?)it started after 3 kicks, however it would not run past idle. so, i took the hole intake and carb apart, cleaned it all up and after re-assemble kicked it over with choke on. started with 2 easy kicks, very good i thought. after warm up, took it for a ride and all is well except now i have popping at deceleration. never had it after going to 50pj since i first owned i. i figured maybe an air leak but can't find it (plus all else seems to be fine) or pilot screw adjustment. i started at 1-1/2 turns like before the bath, then went to 2 turns. didn't make much difference.

so the question is, could i have cleaned the carb so well that it needs a richer pj? i'm leaning this way since it starts much easier than before plus it was only 60 degrees and low humidity.

or could i have damaged an exhaust valve if the cylinder hydro-locked. while being towed i slightly released the de-comp lever to clean the cylinder out some more and maybe get it started. i didn't feel any pulsation that may indicate a valve hitting the piston.

btw, i did check valve clearances since it was apart and they were fine, one exhaust a little close to tight.

any comments would be appreciated.

ps, bill i know you will be reading this and i'm still planning on meeting you guys at rausch reek friday morning unless the above kills the bike before then. keep ya posted.

You probably bent a few valves.

Do a compression and leak down test to find out.

I would guess that you still have some dirt in the circuits of your carb. I don't think it would be bent valves if the only symptom is popping on deceleration. ...I very well could be wrong though. I submarined my WR250F about a month ago and all of your post rang true to my experience.

To get it relit here is what I did (or should have done):

1) Remove the air filter - squeeze all of the excess water out of it. Use shirt to clean airbox.

2) Drain the carb - 17mm bolt on bottom does it. Let some gas from tank get purged in process.

3) With friends pull it up on the rear wheel - let water drain out of tailpipe. With decomp pressed push the kickstart several times with your hand.

4) Replace sparkplug.

5) With choke on, hot start off kick it to life.

6) After it is running replace the airfilter.

7) Ride using very little throttle back to the truck - and give the carb a complete teardown when back at the shop.

- Sean


Try cleaning out the carb again. Sounds like a clogged passage or jet??? Might want to do a compression check first???

Should I bring the KDX :)



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you might be correct in needing to clean the carb again, however it starts much better than before. i'm atributing this to the fact that i cleaned the air jet passages this time. when i cleaned the carb during the off season i didn't clean the air jet circuits. also, after putting the bike back together and riding it, the temp was about 55-60 degrees. i need to ride it in warmer weather or try a larger pj. i would think that if i had bent valves, it would show a performance decrease. havn't ridden it for an extended time yet, will this comming weekend.

ps i hope i don't need the kdx.

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