Is the XR650r street worthy

Hey guys, I'm from the CRF forum, but I am seriously considering buying an XR650 to commute around town. Please inform of anything good or bad about these bikes on the street. My main question is have you guys ever had your bikes stall on you while idling. I will be sitting in traffic a lot so the 1.8 radiator cap seems as if it would do a lot of good for me. I like to fool around sometimes, so will the 650 wheelie easily with stock gearing or do you think I need to gear it up for the street? Thanks :)

I ride my xr650r on the street quite a bit. I love this bike as a dual sport, the best I have ever had.

As far as wheelies. Im not very good at them, but 1-3 I just roll the throttle, 4-5 requires the on and off technique.

With dual sport tires, I can blow away most sportbikes on twisty roads. The only sportbike I could not catch was a gsxr1000 which kept leaving me on the straight sections, I kept reeling him on the corners.

I love my xr :)

Oh I almost forgot. Something that is very important to me is not having the bike stolen. Is there some kind of key or something that you can get for the bike to prevent someone from starting it. Will an XR650L dash work on the R.


I am dual sported in AZ. Run 15/48 gearing and take the BRP out to a MX track occasionally. I can wheelie in all of the following gearing: 13/48, 14/48 and 15/48. For highway use I like 15/48. I was behind a slow delivery truck last saturday, following at 50 mph (4th gear), I made a quick pass when the opportunity presented itself. When I looked down I was doing 80 mph. Hadn't even begun to wind out the BRP.

I don't spend as much time at traffic lights as you would in a bigger city. What time I have spent sitting has never presented a problem.

I have never had the BRP die while idling. I am running the stock pressure cap (1.1) and a 50/50 mix of distilled water and Dexcool. While I have had some coolant overflow into the radiator resevoir when the engine is hot, the coolant level has never risen above the top line (normal).

Some people have reported overheating problems, many think that it's a jetting and uncorking issue. I have the Hop Up Kit installed in an uncorked bike, with a stock pilot jet (65) and an 168 main jet(4700' evelation). Side panel is cutout and air filter is stock.

Thanks needsprayer, that info really helps. Also, what does the Hop-up kit consist of. What are the best mods to do to make it run better?

Oh I almost forgot. Something that is very important to me is not having the bike stolen. Is there some kind of key or something that you can get for the bike to prevent someone from starting it. Will an XR650L dash work on the R.

I have the electrek kit, it comes with a key ignition. You should buy some sort of lock for it too. Its a pretty lite street bike.

1. The bike won't stall while idling, but if you haven't changed the clutch bushing to the upgraded part, be sure to put the bike in neutral while idling instead of leaving it in gear with the clutch pulled in. The stock bushing doesn't get enough oil to it when idling with the clutch pulled in. It's ok to idle if the bike is in neutral and clutch is out.

2. The bike works great on the street, in fact better than most any street bike.

3. The bike doesn't need to be geared up unless you plan to exceed 100mph. That is about top speed with stock gearing and fully "un-corked/jetted"

4. Uncorked and Jetted, the bike wheelies easily in first through third, but not as easily as an MX bike, simply due to more weight and a longer wheelbase.

5. The XR650R is one of the most street worthy dirt bikes out there, so enjoy!


First, I love my scoot (XR650R supermoto), it is a blast. The only fly in the ointment (as I see it) is that the connecting rod crank bearing is a weak link. Mine siezed. I spend a lot of time at or near the rev limiter, a street scoot would not have been so quick to fail (less than 3000 miles). Again, it is one of the most fun bikes on the street you can have (as long as you are not going 300 miles a day) bar none.

Hey Chrome,

I got my 650R two weeks ago and this past weekend I finally got to ride it off road. Lot's of power and I don't doubt it will do 100 mph with stock gearing. When I have the cash it's going to get some supermoto parts, but for now I'l be riding it in the Ocala NF woods.

What about your 450?

Steve_f, I will never get rid of the CRF450r, but I am looking into getting a 650 to commute around on. I would be mighty disappointed to come out into a parking lot and find my CRF gone. :D I will ride the 450 to bike night and for just cruisin around. As long as I am not planning on leaving it unattended for any length of time. :)

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