Interesting Problem (WR 450 Help)

Hi Everyone,

So I just got done checking the valves on my 08 WR450. In that past I've paid people to do the valves and this time I decided to do it myself. I noticed that someone before me started to strip one of the bolts on the air induction pipe where it bolts into the cylinder head just above the exhaust header.

I was able to get one of the bolts to torque up, but the other (near the radiator hose) is only snug, and I can tell that it's not going to torque. This looks like a pain to helicoil if needed, and I'm hoping that it won't be too much of an issue to leave it. When I got the bike I had the dealer plug that port as part of the smog removal so instead of a gasket there's a metal spacer. Is this pressurized with exhaust? I want to make sure I can't suck dirt in...

It's part 1, 2 (metal spacer), and the bolt in question is #3 in this diagram:

I know this is a weird problem, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!!

Remove the AIS and plug the hole with the GYT-R AIS removal kit. That way you will never have the problem again.


:thumbsup: What he said.

The right way to fix that bolt hole is to helicoil or timesert it, unless you just avoid the problem altogether.

Thank you for the replies.

How does the kit plug the hole (do I still need to use that bolt)? I already have the plate that blocks off the passageway, but it just looks like the ais is still hooked up. That's the way the dealer installed the kit when I got the bike...

Thanks again for the help on this unusual, unfortunate problem...

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