Kick Starter Problem

hey guys

well i was riding today and i stopped and took a break. well i went to crank my bike back up and it cranked fine but then the kickstarter jumped back up and like slung my leg away right after i cranked it and cut the engine. then after that happened it was like it had no spring now. i can push it down but it won't come up. i cranked it this way thinkin i could just pull it back up where it wouldn't click and it would be fine for riding till i could fix it. well when i pulled it all the way up its like it engaged with somethin and cut the engine. so i am clueless and i haven't pulled it apart yet i was just seein if anyone else had any input on what could have happened. thanks guys


also the conditions were real wet and sandy so sand got in alot of cracks and junk. maybe that will help who knows. thanks

i guess no one really has a clue. i haven't taken it apart yet. i am probably going to be working on it friday so i can ride saturday. after i figure out what it was i will post on here what it was.


hey guys sorry i have been responding to my own post over and over again but i wanted to give ya'll more info so maybe it could help ya'll help me :) well today i kick started it and of course it stuck down so the kick starter was clickin like crazy(thast normal) well i thought i could do the spring's job and pull the kick starter back up. well when i got to the part where it should be, the kick starter wouldn't go back to the original position because it was grinding against a gear or somethin so it wouldn't go back to the top. is that normal? i didn't think so. thanks for at least checkin out my problem.

Let us know what you find out... I don't have a clue.

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