Water pump leaking on my '03. What parts will I need?

Last night I noticed coolant in the bed of my truck when I got home from the track. I cleaned it off, started it up and it's coming out of the weep hole. It's a pretty steady drip. I did some reading up on here and it sounds like this could be as simple as the seal but it could also be the shaft or the bearing. I'm thinking it will be easiest to just replace everything while I have it apart.

I'm about to place my order and want to make sure I have everything I'll need.

here's my list so far:

5GR-12458-00-00 - SHAFT, IMPELLER


93102-12321-00 - OIL SEAL (SD 12-22-5 HS)

93306-00105-00 - BEARING

5BE-12439-00-00 - O-RING

Does that bearing just drop in? I won't need a press for that or any other special tools will I?

Thanks Gray, really appreciate it. I added that part to my list.

Is there also a seal for the crank case that needs to be replaced or is that the type of thing that can be used if I'm careful when taking it off?

How about that bearing? I'm a little confused about what's holding that in there and what it will take to get that out and a new one back in.

It just drives out and back in with a punch.

Goo idea to pick up a case cover gasket for a bike that old, and there's an O-ring between the case cover and crankcase where the water crosses over between the two.

My '03 did the same thing. Luckily it was only the bearing that seized up.. And i'm with Gray, when in doubt, change it out.

My bearing was good but I went ahead and popped a new one in. It must have been the outer seal for the coolant. No more coolant leak, thanks again gray.

Mine started leaking on my 08 with 19 hours on it. Thought about going through the whole process but was a little pressed for time. Bought just the water seal, pulled the impeller, removed the seal installed the new one and has been leak free since. Bike now has 27 hours on it.


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