ran perfect then....

I was riding around my yard the other day on my 05 yz450. it was running perfect. The next day I pulled the bike out to go riding again, let it warm up and it stalled out from what I thought was just low idle. It would then fire up, idle fine, but giving it throttle would make it bog and die. I took the plug out, cleaned it up a little, didnt clean the carb spotless but did a quick clean. still, bogs and dies off of idle.

any ideas?

and i also made sure accel pump was tuned correctly

Was the plug wet when you to

Was the plug wet when you took it out? How long did you leave the choke on? It sounds like it was just flooded.

it was wet, but im assuming after i cleaned the carb and plug it would run better? could the plug be smoked?

From your description, it sounds like something lodged in the main jet.

How would a plugged main make a plug foul?

You said the plug was fouled. He said it would idle, but wouldn't take any throttle above/beyond that, which is pretty much exactly what happens when a main jet or main fuel circuit is wholly or partially clogged.

well i took apart the fuel spigot, and sure enough, the filters were filthy! cleaned those off, rinsed the tank out and fired it up and ripped around like it was new!

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