Knee/Shin Guard Preference

Alright guys, time for new knee/shin guards after my endo last weekend. Here's the deal, I was considering new ones before the crash - now it's going to happen. I want something that will cover my lower thigh just above my knee. I got some significant dirt rash just above both knees from the

get-off. I have narrowed it down to 2 models

1. Moose M1 Knee Guards

2. MSR V-Top Knee/Shin Guards

You can see pics of these in the January 2001 issue of Motocross Action pgs 119-120. These two models appear to offer the best protection on the lower thigh. Does anyone use either of these or know of any other models that would fit the bill. I'd probably just get the MSR's if they had an attaching strap on the upper section but it appears that they don't in the pic.


(FYI, I currently use Fox Ventilator Knee Guards and wear new Fox 360 pants).

Hey Paul

i use the HPR knee gaurds this year and so far I think there great. They do have neoprem straps above and below the knee, extra protection/padding above the knee, lower shin guard not that big and fits in my Tech8 boots well, and the liner is removeable,washable, and replaceable big +++. Have u smelled your knee guards lately?

Forget the guards and go buy some braces so you won't be sitting around like I am! :D

Either the new astrik by CTI or the EVS ones.

It's only a matter of time :)

Yeah I saw the HRP XT2001's in MXA also. They look pretty good and I wear Tech 8's also. Oh I just love to smell my knee pads -whew!


F-Pilot you are absolutely correct, Paul shouldn't waste his money on stinken Knee Pads. Knee Braces are the only way to go I just got my 2nd set of CTI2's a couple months ago. To ride w/o them now is like riding w/o a helmet to me....scary.

I have heard good things about the Asterisk.

This is especially true for guys like myself who have birdlegs. God really shortchanged me on that deal he put all my meat on my "Middle Leg" :)


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Hey Paul,

If your a member at Asterik is offering a discount to their memebers.



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Hey Bill the asterisk deal at DRN is for free shipping, still a good deal. I would get them if I had the money.

I've been looking at the EVS SX-01 or SX-02s. Check them out at

If you have the money Get the Asterisk braces. I bought a pair of them and can't imagine riding with out them now. I paid $549 +tax if your in California. I tried these and a CTI2 on at the factory that was built for a similar leg structure as mine. I honestly liked the Asterisk better and it was a 1/4 of the price. It has full coverage/padding from about 6" above your knee to 6" below your knee. This brace is awesome!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

Alright guys, now you are getting me confused! Do you use a brace on each leg? Have you had knee problems or did you just buy them for the protection? I have never had knee problems but I'm not saying the braces aren't a good idea regardless. How restrictive are these braces and do they affect the riding feel in turns both on the inside and the outside leg?

You wear a helmet, is is because you had a head injury?

Get them now to prevent an injury!

Most people only get them after a knee injury, usually because the ins. co. is paying for it.

I will get a pair whether my ins. covers them or not.

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The Asterisk braces are in my opinion the best form of knee protection on the market. I have had knee injuries but I honestly feel that the knee that I've had surgery on is 100%. I wear them to prevent further damage. I seriously feel that these are just as important as a helmet. As for restrictions, the Asterisk brace isn't restricting at all. After about 5 minutes of riding with it I forget it's on. I sit around camp or the truck all day and don't bother taking them off. They only allow your knee to move in it's natural position unless something REALLY drastic happens (I would imagine). They do have a feature that allows you to limit how far you can straighten your leg which is kinda nice because then your knee never actually hits lock which for me is sometimes painfull. Check out their site and call them ask to speak to Brad. This company seriously has the best customer service I've ever dealt with. I promise you won't be disappointed with the product and once you ride with them you won't ride with out them. I've let my friends that don't have knee injuries strap mine on and 3 of them have ended up ordering pairs. A pair of CTI2 can easily run you $2000 where a pair of Asterisk braces are $550. Asterisk is actually a side project of the CTI2 company cause the owner wanted to develope a brace designed for motocross and sell it at a resonable price. The CTI2 is so pricy because it has a Medical Device classification where the Asterisk doesn't. I tried both on and feel that the Asterisk performs just as good as the CTI2, is more comfortable, and has a better knee cup system. Feel free to ask more questions but I highly suggest anyone that is concerned with their knees injured or not call up Asterisk and talk with Brad.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

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