YZ exhaust and intake cams (warning: newb)

Hey guys I own an 04 wr450 and like it except I would like more hit in the whole powerband but mainly off the bottom. ive read about installing yz exhaust and intake cams and am still slightly confused. do i need both and can i install it myself quite easily? my experience with engines is limited to nitro rc airplane and truck motors, but my dads works on machinery. ive ridden a friends 05 yz450 a few times and love the bottom hit it has. I guess I want a wheelie machine:ride:. Worth it?:thumbsup: ps is the boysen quickshot worth the $ for the torque/power gains?


you only need the exhaust

only you can answer if you can change it out yourself

It isn't hard to do

So do I need to get accesories like timing chain and stuff or what do i need to order?

Timing chains are cheap, but you'll have to remove the flywheel. I'd do it if I were doing cams. You'll also probably need some shims, but you really can't tell which ones until you put the new cams in.

I talked to our local mx mechanic today and he can get 'hot cams' overnight but yz cams take a week which is alright cause im goin on holidays shortly and giving him a month to work on the bike. He said he didnt swap cams a whole lot and said he always just ordered hot cams, do they add the same performance as yz cams? I just loved the hit on the yz s.

Btw here is what im planning on doing.

-cam swap obviously

-boyesen quickshot

-powerbomb header (already have powercore muffler)

- High performance JD jetting kit

-yz flywheel (if it fits?)

Will this make a significant Torque/hp gain to make it feel yz snappy? I know the bike is still slightly heavier. Lots of questions, thanks for any replies in advance.

Hotcams have a dyno chart on their website that says they make better power than YZ cams, but that's for both intake and exhaust. YZ flywheel won't fit.

If you're going that far, definitely do the timing chain.

Yeah i just saw that the flywheel wont fit. Is there any way I can get an aftermarket flywheel thats lighter?

I installed a yz cam and had nothing but trouble with the e-start, fitted a stage 1 exhaust hot cam and couldn't be happier. The hot cam has a longer decomp pin.

Well the guy thats gonna work on my bike said he would look at some prices for me. I hardly use the e start at all because the bike has to be warm to start and sometimes fails then. I think its just a week battery, I just havent taken the time. With hotcams, can I get an exhaust cam that will ad the same performance as the yz cam? I want the yz hit that most people dont want.:thumbsup: If I can get something that does even more, that would be great!

The stage 1 hot cam is identical to the yz

ok cool. yeah I didnt know if you had to have both cams or what.

I added both hotcam's and a FMF TiPowerCore to mine (along with all the free mods), and I can attest to the bike becoming down right nasty on the bottom end. Instant hit right off the bottom, too much for my liking on trails, but sounds like what your looking for.

That sounds great:thumbsup:. I was looking at both cams but wondering if its worth the extra$.

I can't comment on the difference between just changing out the one over both, but maybe someone else on here can.

I'll look at some prices sometime.

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