Wr450f running rough after a trip

Hi i have a 04 wr450f which after a recent weekend away and some hard riding. I've let it sit for a week before cleaning her right down after a bit of a pressure wash i tried to start it the folowing day took many kicks choke on choke off choke on and then she went only with the choke on and once it was off it wouldn't idle properly with backfiring coughing and farting through the rev range on a little driveway ride. I'm gonna change the oil, spark plug and air filter through the week and see if that helps, does any one have any suggestions on what else it could be? Or are these Wrs a bit tempermental after a bit of a flogging?




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Hi mate no most WR's are more that happy to take what you give out .Main thing was it running ok when you put it away ? Sounds like you have some water in the electrics Spray it down with WD40 or let it sit in the sun for the day .Once it's dry it should run fine. Just a Point It's aways better to wash it down when you get back I aways find that when you leave the mud on the rust will soon follow.

Good luck Jono

Drain the carb too. Sounds like some water found it's way into it. Maniac

Thanks for the reply guys it was running fine when it was put on the trailer lol then a week untill i tried to start her again after the pressure wash but it only backfired and farted so aater could be an issue due to the pressure wash but will have a closer look tough the week and post how i go thanks dudes



Never use a pressure washer on a motorcycle.

You got water somewhere it shouldn't be.

Yeah i usually steer clear of the pressure wash but the amount of mud and crud that had to come off was massive and after all the pressure wash i still need to wash them again

I pressure wash my bikes all of the time. You just have to be careful where you point the water. Keep it away from bearings and seals and you'll be fine. Don't try to start your bike just after washing. The water on the air filter will get sucked into the motor and drag alot of the dirt on your filter with it. So, wash bike, change air filter, drain carb, then start if you must....works a treat.

Another pointer is to buy a pressure washer that has a max of 1500PSI. If you go to a car wash you're looking at upwards of 3-4000PSI. Not good.


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