back after a hiatus/tool questions.

well, i've returned to the wonderful world of motocross after a 4 year break! it feels very good to be back. i'm a little older and wiser now, but not a whole lot. :thumbsup: as my name implies, i still have a CRF100. i recently pulled it out of storage after sitting for 4 years. now i am teaching my girlfriend of almost 2 years to ride. she picked it up faster than i did!


don't worry, she has complete and proper riding attire. no way i'm going to let my baby get hurt lol.

as for myself, other than the honda i technically don't own a bike. however my mom's boyfriend/my boss has been generous enough to let me "have" his 1998 yz400f. his reasoning being he is simply past the point in his life to where he can ride such a machine and enjoy it like he used to. it upset him seeing his bike just waste away in his garage, so he let me have it under the conditions of i don't screw it up and don't screw with it too much.

so, in order to meet these expectations i'm going to need tools again! however, for the life of me, i can't remember any specific sizes and such that i used for the bike. i know its all metric sizes, but what sizes and for where? what would be a good list of tools to complete most basic adjustments and maintenance? stuff like oil changes, bleeding brakes, changing coolant, adjusting the chain, cleaning the air filter, adjusting the brakes, adjusting cables, etc. i would just go out to my local sears and clean off the shelves, but i'm trying to save for a new vehicle to get my re-found hobby from riding area to riding area. not that i'm going to skimp on the quality of tools, i would just like a general list of everything for basic maintenance. more advanced stuff i can pick up later.

but man it feels good to be back! it's also very nice not being a little puke anymore and being able to better handle a bike like the 400. last time i rode this bike i was 13 years old haha. much easier to get it around faster now, but man the power this bike has still blows me away! here's a picture. bone stock and all original. bike started on the 4th kick after sitting for 4 years. all we did was throw a fresh tank of gas in it. simply an amazing machine.


and here i am at 13 years old riding at a local spot on the 400. i can't believe the spot is still around. shame my jersey and pants no longer fit me though.


thanks for reading!


Just buy a bunch of metric tools. Metric wrenches, sockets, etc. Also, phillips and standard screwdrivers. I wouldnt recomend buying 3 sizes of this tool and 4 sizes of that tool. Get everything you think you may need. If you dont end up using a certain tool/size on this bike, you will eventually need it later on in life.

At a *minimum* you will need 8/10/12/14mm sockets with ratchet and an extension piece. Will also need 8/10/12mm combination wrenches. A set of metric allen wrenches.

Also, since the bike has sat for so long you should plan on pulling apart the rear linkage and regreasing everything...I don't recall the sizes of sockets that you will need for that but I think you will need a 15mm and a 17mm or 19mm.

You will need a 27mm for the rear axle, and a 22mm for the front axle. To pull the steering stem for regreasing you'll need a 32mm.

If you just want to get started as cheap as possible, see if there is a used tool outlet in your area. I buy tools for trail packs there, or tools that I need to modify into some custom form, and you can get good quality stuff made somewhere other than China for less than half the cost of good new stuff.

Something else you'll need that hasn't been mentioned is Allen wrenches in 3 through 6 mm sizes.

For a spark plug wrench, I suggest you ignore the usual automotive solutions (although they will work) and flop down a 20 for the Motion Pro 4 stroke plug wrench kit. It's a very good, versatile, usable tool and deals with all of the problems peculiar to accessing a YZ spark plug quite effectively.

You will eventually want a flywheel puller, too. It's the very common, inexpensive M27x1.0 Left Hand threaded type.

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