clutch basket options

Ok, I am going be installing my new GYTR basket/clutch kit this week and I was wondering on a couple of options to install the kick pinion gear because I do not have a press. I heard heating the basket in the oven to about 400 degrees for 15 minutes will let the gear essentially fall into place.....heard the same with freezing the kick gear. Or should I just try to find someone who has a press because these are both dumb suggestions?

Heating/freezing will help, but you should definitely not heat the basket to 400 ℉. Set the oven to 275 ℉ and leave the basket there for 15-20 minutes to allow it to fully reach that temperature. Going beyond that temp can potentially affect the heat treating of the alloy.

The use of a press is advisable in any case, although it can be done without one.

Thanks Gray.

Well, my clutch is done and just wanted to post results. The gytr components are definitely an upgrade from stock, I have way more clutch feel that I can feather even better than before. It was a little noisy (little bit of a whirling sound) but it subsided after a 4hr ride. Clutch clatter is gone too because the old basket was notched the GYTR basket forged?

Found a few steel plates from the old clutch discolored....the 2 near the pressure plate and to back end of the boss seemed to have it the worse. the GYTR basket forged?

Billet, I believe, but possibly forged. They're made by Hinson as far as I know.

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