426 OR 250 2 STROKER?

I have not race MX in almost 3 years and I am thinking about a comeback. I have a friend who has a 2000 426 that he says he will sell me in august for $3000-Hinson clutch basket and all. I have ridden 2 strokes my whole life and am scared of a 4 stroker a little bit but that seems like a hell of a deal for that bike. Is it worth the chance for that kind of deal? The bike is spotless! I am 6'3 220 pds. and was always told that I would be a good open bike rider. I was a vet-pro before I quit and was told to be a very smooth rider. Is the 426 for me? I rode one briefly in 98 and was very impressed with the handling on hard pack and the way the front end stay glued in corners. Any input would be appreciated.

Sounds like a great deal. Go for it!

You will adapt to the stroker and never want a 2-smoke again

A lot of us on this forum were in a similair sistuation. We were 2 stroke people from day one. Well I guess my 76 XR75 was a 4 stroke.

I have found the bike to be easy to ride, jumps great and rockets out of turns. It's only negative is it will not turn inside most 2 strokes. You will have to pass them breaking into a corner or rail the outside and drag race them out.

I can ride my 426 much longer than I could my 99 KX250. It is a dream through the whoops for me, since I don't get on top very well.

At first it will be strange riding it. You will over jump every thing, fight it in the turns, use too much clutch, shift it too much and then it will click and you will love it.

I have a vey hard time riding a 2 stroke now.

Take Care,



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

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