Horsepower/Torque curves for XR 650?

I am wondering about the horsepower and torque curves of an XR 650, KLX 650 or other "big bore" dual sport bikes. Where in the rpm range does the engine makes it's peak torque/peak horsepower (and what are the peak numbers?). How about the oil (dry sump?). Also, how clean burning are the engines? Does one get noticably better gas milage than the others? Do any of them respond well to certain mods? I'm pretty much looking for as much technical information on the engines as possible. Thanks in advance! *Winter Rules*

To me the 650 fells very snappy off the bottom pulling very hard through mid and tapering a bit on top, I know a un corked 650r makes around 50 horse power. All this info you want is on this site Try some searches for your info. Im more of let me ride it and Ill tell you what I think but a lot of the guys and Gals here know about everything there is to know about certain bikes. Also try they also have good info. Good luck buy a Honda super reliable and great all around bikes if you ask me :)

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