Wr450f full re-build and cost £££

Just to sum up, when I last posted a thread I was describing what has gone wrong in my engine. I have now fixed the dreaded 5th gear problem with replacing 3rd and 5th (£145) on the input shaft and no2 selector fork (£68). My wr has now got brand new wiseco crank (£220) due to the amount of play in the conrod was on its limit. Also a new camchain (£29) and a new wiseco standard piston kit (£155). Barrel re-plated (£160). All in all costing about £900 for a full re-build Inc the gear box repaired. I should be able to put the completed engine in within the next 3 weeks! It has taken nearly 5 months mainly due to cost and I'm hoping that the engine will last because I do not want to do all this again anytime soon but it will be worth it when I'm back on it again. In hindsight I should of just sent the entire engine off and try to pay a big bill but you live and learn.

I'm in the same boat. I spent about $900 and now have all the parts. Just waiting to assemble it all. I have confidence that I'll get another 5k miles.

5k! That would be awesome! This is my first kinda high strung bike so I'm a little worried about how long the engine will go for. Hopefully if I service earlier than normal it should last. Good luck bg10459. :thumbsup:

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