aftermarket flywheel

Hey guys I have a question about flywheels specifically something lighter for my 04 wr450. Could of posted in the wr forum but I feel replies are slower (i think).

My question is, can I get aftermarket flywheels with wieght of my choice or can I not? If no, what do I have to do to lighten it or get a new one? I know I cant just throw on a yz flywheel but would it work putting on the base and flywheel? I think the base is pricey, just wondering if its worth the $. thank you.

Back in '00, I used a heavier WR flywheel on my YZF and liked it quite abit. So I see no reason why you couldn't use the YZF flywheel on the WR. You won't have a headlight, taillight or charging system though. Maniac

I dont have a headlight or tailight. swapped them for ufo fender and no. plate. It hasnt bothered me since It begins to get dark here in the summer at about 11 pm. My E start works unreliably now, so I dont think that would be a problem.

Not sure about your year, but some years are not interchagable between WR and YZ. Trailtech has a couple replacement flywheels, either -2 or +2 oz. You might also check Steahly Off Road.

thanks guys ill keep searching.

I think they have different flywheels and the crank is slightly different between the yz and wr. I don't think one would bolt on to the other. I may be wrong.

You might have to look for some other mod to increase the revving of your engine. Try a new piston or cams.

Ive actually been looking at Trailtech flywheels. They have some that are either +2 oz for yz or -6oz for wrs. I am curious of the weight of a yz flywheel but I think the wrs is around 30 oz? Id just like to compare the 24oz Trailtech to the yz.

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