426 front sprocket!

Just fitted a #15th front sprocket and found that i had to trim the chain slipper on the swing arm a tad(to clear the front sprocket teeth)and also had to file down the casing protector plate!,would advise any one thinking of fitting a 15th front sprocket to get a stronger casing protector plate made!

I did not know they have desert racing in Scotland. 105 mph across the moor? :)

I just did w/out the case save when I ran a 15. Maybe a bit sketchy, OTOH I've never lunched a chain, and only ran the tall gearing for one or two events.

Yeah just watch out for the bog`s,you would surely go over the bars an carry on going for at least a week at that kinda pace! :).I put a 51 on the back to try out in the woods and the moors and found it not to bad,but for toolin around the stubble fields i found the gearing way to low with a 14-51 combo(would rev out way to fast in top an drink fuel like there was no tomorow)but this 15 front looks like it may just do the job!.I had the back plate of a split link snap on me last year,and when they burst they let go with a fair old bang they do(i was lucky no damage)but for a split second i thought the gearbox exploded!,man was i glad when i looked down to find it was the chain :D

I like the way y'all talk. I ain't sure what you're sayin', but it sounds good. :)

I forgot that in Scotland they drink scotch and ride and here in America we drink beer and ride. That explains the gearing differences. Brave lads! :):D :D

:cheers:Yeah the fields over here are hard and dry just now,so you can get some good tracks going :).That #15th sprocket fair makes a change to the gearing(the round bales are gonna be a lot closer together now!)the whisky sure is mental gear!(the good one`s give you a sound -head)yep i guess we kinda the same(i like a good beer too!) :D

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