Plastic kit for 2000 TTR250

Anybody know where I can get a plastic kit for a 2000 TTR250? I tried Acerbis, Bobs Cycles and a couple of others with no luck.

Thanks Mike

My son has a TTR250 and so far the only thing we found made is a seat cover. Never seen any plastic available, other than factory.

Guys, How heavy is the TTR 250. My wife is looking for a new bike and right now she is riding a XR250L which is street legal and heavy. I'd like to get her the TTR250 which has the electric start and sits about an inch lower than the XR250 DZR250. However, it is listed about 20 lbs more than those two. I am wondering if it doesn't feel that heavy when it is moving. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Doug

Doug my wife rides a TTR250 and loves it, she came off a XR250 the TTR fells lighter than the XR did, and with the E-BUTTON WOW what a bike she now enjoys riding.I also daul sported it and she rides daul sport rides with me 150 to 200 miles and loves it,I did put a W.E.R damper on it to help in the roots and rocks,buy it your wife will love you for it.



I dident know that the TTR250 came with a childs seat, thats awesome, then you could go out riding more often! :)


My girlfriend also rides a TTR 250. She is 5'4", so I had to lower the bike as much as possible. She loves the bike, and I love the electric start!! The bike is a little heavy for her to pick up when she drops it in the trails, but other than that it feels light to turn. I plated the bike, and she really enjoys riding on fire trails and dirt roads.

It weighs a few pounds more than a WR. It has a dry weight of 260. I tought my girlfriend how to ride it and she thinks its too big. I've had to pick mine up a few times and it can get heavy, especially if you are tired.

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