Adjusting Valves

How long should i wait to adjust my valves? Let me know how far off the cearance was, when you first adjusted them. I'm trying to figure out a resonable schedule to adjust them. I know what the manual says, but it also tells you to tear the engine down to inspect it for wear fairly often. I need some real world advise.

On my '98 I checked them every 4 months and adjusted them about once a year, very durable valvetrain!

Haven't even touched the '00 yet, I will check and adjust as needed soon, its about 1 year old now.

I'd suggest you get it adjusted or checked RIGHT AT 10 hours from brand new and then about every 30-40 hours thereafter. I own a 2000 yz426 and the top end completely exploded about a month ago (with only 20-25 hours on the machine). The mechanics said it was becuase the valves were too tight... $3000 repair!!!!!!!!!

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