wooohoooo- my 1st 1st

Don't mean to offend anyone ...........but..

I have got to leave for a while.......

think I am getting a headache from all of this NON STROKER STUFF

I think I'm gunna grab a loritab and a Budwieser and head out to the garage and sit on my THUMPER and recite after someone recently said in another thread........


TOo much religious stuff for me.

I think I will just grow old being a good person having fun and respecting others..............


mmmmmmmmmmmm BBBBBBEEEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!


Congratulations on the win! I wish I could say the same thing!

First of all, one of the things that makes this country great is our freedom of expression and to choose the things we want to believe in. I personally think that Randy has some very interesting things to say. They are certainly valid points and he's entitled to believe them and to post them on this site. I respect him for going out on a limb in a place where, undoubtedly, a good number of people have different beliefs or none at all.

As for yzernie's response, there is a lot of good information on this site (I've used plenty myself) and as for this particular post, quit reading if the subject matter is one you choose to ignore or find useless.

Amen, for our 1st amendment rights!


Congrats on your victory. You must be stoked!!

Sorry you victoy post turned into a bunch of BS.


Read a couple of your posts and perfect motocross day. Why dont you save that crap and bring it over to dirtrider.net. It is much more welcome over there.

YZ426 kicks,

Not a great spot to preach religon either. I don't enjoy reading that either and I am catholic.

G-Man and 426 kick,

Nice job of putting a black cloud over Mikes victory post. Hope you are both happy.


Once again congrats on the victory. Let us know when it happens again



Congratulations!! In regards to the hole-shot, I am exactly the same. If I get the whole shot I get all nervous lead the first lap then do something stupid and wreck. If I dont get the hole-shot I relax and start picking paople off. The best race I ever rode was at Broome-Tioga in NY where another guy and I tangled bars on the start so I was dead last out of 30. I came back an finished third. It wasnt a win, but it was the smoothest riding I have ever done.

Good Luck



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YZ426kicks: I am not interested in what you think is the "truth" with regard to religion. You have to work those issues out for yourself. I came here to read about dirt bikes.

Mike, great job, get some more firsts!

[This message has been edited by mikeolichney (edited 06-04-2001).]

Congrats on the first what a great feeling finishing first there's nothing finer. Don't you think you were a little hard on those pee wee's though??

a win's a win,huge

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