Stator Replacement (Better than stock?)

I installed a 10 oz. flywheel weight on my bike this weekend but I created a new problem in the process. Since I didn't have a spanner wrench to hold the engine while breaking the flywheel nut loose I was using a couple of bolts in the puller holes with a prybar wedged between them. You guessed it, the bar slipped, the motor turned, and my stator was crunched. After I finished cussing myself for being so stupid :), I started wondering if I should go back with a stock stator or try finding an upgrade. Does anyone know if there is a product on the market that outperforms the stock stator? Thanks, and I'll let you know how the bike runs with the additional flywheel weight once I get it running again.

Stay with the stock stator and buy yourself a puller. :)

I've got a puller, it's the spanner wrench I don't have butt thanks anyway. :)

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