looking at '06 yz450f tonight, what should I look for?

I was about to buy a friends KTM 250sxf, but I saw an add for a anniversary edition '06 yz450f

Never raced, "Pro taper bars, new ECB clutch, Renthal Sprockets and Gold Chain, RACE TECH Suspension, Michelin tires...Track ready"

asking $3450

I found out on the phone I know the guy selling it, anyway.

Is there anything in particular I should ask or inspect?

Any other thoughts appreciated.

For me, it's trying to find out how the owner maintained the bike. I'd rather buy a race machine from a meticulous c-rider than from the 14 year-old next door who just wants to ride Wide open in the dunes. I'd ask when he checked the valves last and see what kind of answer you get. Also, oil change intervals will give you an indication of his quantity of service. Also ask if he's ever replaced the cam-chain.

If you haven't ridden a similar bike, understand that a common complaint is engine noise, which, to some extent is normal.

I think his price is a bit high but that's between you and the seller.

Do a search for that bike on searchtempest.com and that will give you an idea of pricing across the nation.

Good Luck and hopefully things work out for you. I've enjoyed my 06 ever since it rolled off the showroom.

Yea that price seems high. I sold my '08 for $3,500 and it was immaculate with 60 total hours and 10 on a fresh top end, plus suspension work. If he doesn't have an hour meter on it you have NO WAY of knowing how many hours are on it and even if it does not a gaurantee. He should be tracking the hours for oil changes. I write mine down in the manual, again if that wasn't done...questionable. Obviously air filters too. For oil, 4-6 hours between changes is reasonable. I know some freaks that change it every other ride and that's riding for an hour! You can get 80 hours easily on a YZ450F before you need top end and timing chain. If you're just putting around, maybe even 200? It's been done. Do you like to race or ride hard? If so plan on putting in a piston, rings, bearing, timing chain and valve adjust if it hasn't been done in 60-80 hours. The valve train is noisy on that bike, not gonna tell you much. Look at the chain guides (underside on the front guide too) and that will give you a "time on bike" indicator unless they are new. In 60 hours I never replaced mine. If the kickstarter is wild ass loose and footpegs and shifter are worn to crap that will tell you about the hours. Bottom line the YZ450 is a solid bullet proof bike.

About the only onsite maintenance verification I can usually get away with when buying a bike is:

Pop the seat off, check the air filter. If it's clean, remove it and check the intake throat to make sure it has been cleaned regularly.

Reinstall the filter and fire the bike up and see how it runs. After you shut it down check the oil.

Shake the wheels to check the wheel bearings, look at the chain, and the overall condition of the bike. If any one of these items look neglected I usually pass because it's a good indication of how well it was maintained overall.

If it all looks good and there's nothing fishy about the bike then I'm comfortable with the purchase.

Thanks, didn't get home in time tonight. I found an '07 for about the same. Both sound like anal owners, but nobody ever tells you....."I rode it hard and put it up wet"...


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