2007 Primary drive gear and clutch basket gear with broken teeth

I was riding last weekend and after about an hour or so I was having trouble getting into 3rd gear, but going down from 2nd to 1st and then back up to 3rd quick worked. Another hour went by and it would not shift to 3rd at all, engine on or off. Just opened up the clutch side case and I have 1 tooth broken off the clutch basket gear with some grooves on the machined surface as well. Also the primary drive gear has 1 broken tooth and the balancer gear has some marks and sharp edges but no teeth are broken. Once I took out the entire clutch assembly I am now able to shift all the way to 5th as normal. Everything else inside looks to be good but I am unsure if I need to investigate any further. At the very least I will get a new basket, basket gear, primary drive gear, and balancer gear. Im totally stumped as how this has happened, please help me out if there is anything Im missing too. Thanks

And Im pretty sure there is no loose metal in the crankcase because my magnetic drain plug caught those sheared teeth and shavings. What is involved if I need the get to the transmission gears?

Anybody have any ideas? I was thinking if I replaced basket, basket gear, primary drive gear, and balancer gear and put everything back together to see if everything is back to normal. Anyone think I need to do anything before all of that? Thanks

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