Upgrade from 99 WR400 to WR426 - Worth it???


Great board, been lurking for some time.

I've been lusting after a WR450 for a while now but it but it looks like the 04 will be Red Stickered. No big deal UNLESS I want to ride it between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Thanks California Air Resources Board.

I am considering trying to locate a low hour WR426 as anything 2002 or older gets a Green Sticker (no use restrictions). My question is to those who have ridden or owned both bikes. Is there enough of a difference to make it worth it or should I just keep tweaking on my 400 and call it good for now? Also, are there any significant differences between the 01 and 02 WR426's? :)

I have only ridden the 400 once. I can say my 426 has considerably more power.

I got used to the power of the 426, and when I rode the 400, I was surprised when I whacked the throttle and the front tire didn't come up. I had to pull a little, or lean back to get the wheelie. On the 426, I can sit all the way forward, no pull, and throttle will just lift front through third gear. Fourth and fifth require weight shift or pull on bars to loft the tire.

Unless you have major suspension work that you are attatched to, I would do it. The motor is worth it.

I am all about new bikes but can't you bore the 400 to a 426. While you were at it put in the 03 cam and get rid of the decomp. Or do these things not work on the 400. :)

Same stroke, different bore so I suppose you could bore it out to a 426 assuming there is enough meat in the sleeve. Any thoughts?


Not that it means anything, but the 400 I rode had the '03 Exhaust cam, did not use decomp to kick it.

The one reason I never moved up to a 426 (other than money) is that I have rode several, and never noticed a major power difference between my 400 and a 426.

My 400 wheelies fine... I just cant do it. :)

I have to agree with MOmilkman, I love my 400. It's dialed in perfectly and I can't say that the guys on 426's or 450's have had any advantage on me on the trail. Well, auto-decomp would be nice. :) They may be faster than me but if so I'll chalk it up to rider not to bike.


I forgot to add that I couldn't keep up with the rider on the 400, he was way better than me. But, whenever we hit a straight I could wick it and get out in front, that made it fun for him to try to catch me (and pass me...) in the corner! :)

If you're on a 400 and can't get a wheelie buy rolling the throttle, then it's not set up. I can do it in 3rd just by rolling on it. Realistically, there's not a noticeable difference, if they are both set up properly.

Auto decomp would be nice though.

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