Front forks and clutch cover


I have a 2005 WR450.

I would like to know please how often do I have to change the oil inside the front forks? I usually ride 70% on-road and 30% off-road.

When I change the front forks oil, do I also need to change the oil seals or anything else at the same time?

Another question that I have is regarding the clutch cover.

I found out the other day that it has VERY VERY small cracks on it, on the flat surface near the Yamaha letters. When I ride the bike, oil comes out of the small cracks, but not even a drop of oil.

Thus, I was thinking of using something like JB Weld to fix it. Do you think this is the best solution (other than buying a new cover)? Would it be better if I apply it outside the cover or should I remove the cover and use it on the inside? Would it hold properly on the flat surface?

Thank you.

Fork oil, like brake fluid and coolant, is changed based on usage and/or time. Typcally every 2 years or 50 hours, which ever comes forst. Many go far beyond that and have no problem though.

Only replace the seals if they are leaking dues to wear or tears. A slight leak is often dirt which can be removed.

If you have to, you can JB weld the cover. I personally only consider that sort of thing as an emergency fix. Many consider it a permenant fix. IMHO I guess it depends on if you want your bike to look factory or junktard.

It has been used on bikes to repair significant damage and last forever. The key is surface prep. 100% oil free, roughed up to give some 'bite'. Apply only to the outside.

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