IMS Ty-Davis Signature Series Tank

First of all let me say that this post is not a complaint of the product or Terry Cable who sold the product to me who has always treated me well and makes numerous kick butt products of which I use many.

Just wanted to issue a Technical Notice of sorts to you folks that are running these tanks as I am. This weekend I had what I am hoping is an isolated issue concerning the cracking of my fuel tank.

While on a routine cross country ride this weekend, I stopped for lunch about 30 miles from my trailer for lunch. Upon shutting down the bike I immediately smelled the strong aroma of fuel, one of my buddies quickly began to move away from my bike while telling me that gasoline was dropping onto the header. Needless to say that made me nervous as well and I quickly cooled the header with water from my camelback. A closer inspection revealed that the tank had cracked about 1 1/2 inches below the rear tank tiedown point where the rubber strap holds the tank to the frame. The crack was about aninch and a half across horizontally, and fuel was coming out a half inch section. Because of the location I was not able to drain beneath the level of the crack. Fortunitally I had some JB weld and a roll of duct tape in my fanny pack. I had to sit foe awhile waiting for it to set up but managed to get the leak sealed logn enough to return to the trailer. Once back, I was lucky enough to have access to a YZ tank so the weekend was not a total wash out. However I didn't get to complete the 100 mile trip that I really wanted to do with my friends.

I'm hoping that this story will have a happy ending. I have e-mailed Ty Davis and explained the situation. My dealer is going to contact Terry Cable this afternoon. Hopefully I won't end up with a $225.00 Siganture Paperweight.

I will post the digital photos I took of the tank this evening.


Bonzai :)

That stinks I had a similar problem with the header getting very hot and almost melting the fuel line all the way through on a 100 mile loop in Moab, even with fuel line insulated and attached tward the top of the engine. I now ride a XR650R so problem was solved. I personally was very dissapointed in the Zip ty Tank Fit, design, and :) Quality, They could have made it .2 oz smaller so you could reach the clutch and hot start and re jet easier. Nice looking sled though

Great news this evening. Spoke with the folks at Terry Cable, and as I expected they were professional and handled my case with the same priority as if I had been a volume dealer. I e-mailed them a set of photos and they told me to pack up the tank and ship it back to them for replacement.

This is the kind of response that keeps me spending my money with them.

Thank you, Mindi and Terry Cable.

Bonzai :)

I had the same problem on my IMS tank and bought it through my local dealer they replaced it no questions asked.(mold problem) IMS does stand behind their product.Yamakaza just to let you know the rekluse auto clutch rips in the woods. You got to get one ..........

Wouldn't hurt everyone to spend a couple minutes removing their seat and checking for signs of cracking... particularly on the rear most section of the tank, at the vertex of the saddle and the downward sloping top. It seems that stock tanks and aftermarket tanks alike suffer from this problem.

Safety first? :)

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