Good Hard Terrain Tire??

Well it's only been about a month and already this beast has chewed up its first tire (not that it surprises me at all), so now it's time for a new one. Does anyone know a good hard terrain tire that doesn't wear down like an eraser at a physics final? Also it's about time to junk the stock chain and sprockets too. I'm looking at getting the whole stainless steel package from Krause, it's pretty expensive but is supposed to last...well forever. Question is...should I go up a tooth on the rear to a 50?? I can live with the gearing as is cause I only go trailriding every once in a while, but everyone seems to be adding a tooth. Thanks for your help guys

Try the Pirelli MT480. I put one on a few weeks ago and like it a lot. It is the best HT tire I have used. It works good all around except in muddy clay where the front packs a bit. It hooks up well even after the knobs start to round off. They are a bit pricey though.


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