problems with 2003 wr after starter upgrade

i have just installed the updated starter parts to 04 on my 03 wr now when i hit the start button it just spins and sometimes engages. The starter clutch and gear behind the fly wheel will spin both ways is the starter clutch the problem?

I think it is the starter clutch and i have bought a new one and also the puller. can someone tell me the procedure for removing the flywheel ? My flywheel has been loctite on after the woodruff key sheared after just 2 days after buying it. What part do i heat the shaft or the flywheel? Will Map Gas work ? Does the flywheel need loctited back on? and the 6 screws in the starter clutch do they need loctite on them ? if so what kind of loctite Thanks

It sounds like it could be the starter clutch, but it's a fairly simple mechanism and shouldn't just stop working. As you look at the flywheel, the starter gear behind the flywheel should spin clockwise, but not counterclockwise. The starter clutch should not spin at all since it's attached to the flywheel.

To remove the flywheel, gently heat the center of the flywheel hub. Try not to let direct flame sit anywhere for too long. Slowly tighten the puller, heat the hub and lightly tap the end of the puller, heat, tighten, tap, etc. Don't muscle it or you might destroy the end of the crank. No need to remove the bolts to the starter clutch.

IMO, the flywheel does not need to be loctited on. That was a bandaid fix for the poorly designed '03 parts. The '04 parts will prevent any further woodruff key breakage.

The starter clutch screws were loctited from the factory, so should probably be loctited again. I'd use red loctite, because you probably will never remove them again.

my starter does the same sometimes engages flip a coin to see which time it will work,give up and just kick it.

Please ignore previous. Get it working. The electric start on a properly tuned WR is a beautiful thing. I did the upgrade on my 03 including a new starter motor and battery. Starts up first compression every time hot or cold.

I got the flywheel off it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be. The problem was the starter clutch the spring that holds all those little fingers in was stretched. Went to Wayne National Trails in Ohio over the weekend and it started just fine. Thanks for all replies

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