What Company did you use to LOWER your suspension?

Hey Guys,

I have been drinking plenty of milk but I aint gettin any taller. :thumbsup: I think I am going to take the plunge and have my 09 WR450F professionally lowered front and rear with spacers. If you have done this, what company did you use and how happy are you will the results? Also, about what did you pay?


I had MX-Tech do my YZ426 right around '03. I loved it! Prior to lowering, I couldn't get it to turn quick enough in the tight NY woods, and was getting my butt whipped racing against everyone else on 2 smokes. Now, fast forward a few years and I'm now living out in Montana, so I don't have to dodge as many tree's, so not as much of a need to lower my newer scoot ('06 WR450). I'm 6'0", just for reference. Maniac

Tank you. That is one. Anyone else? Surely there is more than one person on this site that has lowered their WR with spacers rather than a link.

M&M Offroad in El Cajon, CA 1-619-449-7473. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-902881.html

Mark of M&M lowered my 2008 WR450F several months ago. I am 6 ft tall and I have a 32 inch inseam. However, it always seemed that when the riding was tough and technical, lots of toe dabbing required, some A--Hole had moved the ground under me at a most inopportune moment to make a tip over a certainty.

I went for a 1 inch drop front and rear. Mark cut 1-inch from the front springs and installed a 1-inch equivalent spacer in the rear shock. I had the suspension serviced while the forks and shock were apart.

The change in my riding and my sense of confidence on the bike has been dramatic. For tight, technical (rough, rocky, gnarly), single track, it is the answer. I can touch the ground when I need it in tight technical sections, the bike now tracks on twisty-turny trails as though it is on rails and there is no apparent difference in the way the bike handles at speed over big bumps. Try it, you will like it.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, Mark is not a relative and I don't owe him money.:thumbsup: The lowering mod is so good I'm just glad to share my experience with anyone who is contemplating this change.

Thank you Baja. That is VERY encouraging and while I am sure MX-Tech can do a fine job, E. Cajon is MUCH closer to Whittier.

ESP in La Crescenta, (Just above Glendale). He did a friends wives 250X, but a WR should be just as easy and a LOT closer to you.. Great guy and even better service.

ESP - Exceptional Suspension Products

Never heard of ESP until today, did a quick search and WOW - nothing but positive comments. Thank you.

George is a good guy and as honest as the day is long!!

On average, what would a 1" drop cost?

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