Bike won't run properly after oil change.

Hey guys, got a situation I need some help with. I did an oil change on my bike a couple days ago so my bike would be fresh for vacation. Did the oil change the same as every other time, except one stupid thing...after my oil change I washed my bike really good, and went to start it up, but forgot my FMF exhaust plug was in. Bike started on the first kick, and I took the plug out right away. So, today the wife and I go for a ride, and the bike is a bitch to start...6-7 kicks with the choke on till it finally went. Add to that it won't stay idling no matter what?! I don't get it. Is it possible that I F'd my valves up starting the bike with the FMF plug in the pipe? Any suggestions?


Nobody hey...


What you more likely did was to get some water into your carb. Drain the float bowl, then add a half pint of alcohol (any kind) to your gas tank. Shake it up, turn the gas on, and see what happens. If you're lucky, that's all it will take.

Kicking your bike over with the exhaust plug still in place will have no effect on the bike. You say that you washed it really good, any chance you could have gotten water in your intake ?

Of course, so long as you have fuel/spark the bike should fire.

I have done the same thing a time or three. Never affected my bike at all. I agree with the above answers in that you probably have water somewhere it doesnt belong.

... any chance you could have gotten water in your intake ?

Good point. The air filter will not stop water, you know.

Cool, Thanks for the help guys. I'll give it a try when I get back home tomorrow. It ran like a million bucks before, so I am really stumped. I'll throw my other air filter on, and drain the carb. I went to kick it over today, and it'll start on the 2nd, 3rd kick, but just won't stay running. Will just a bit of water in the carb really do that?

Will just a bit of water in the carb really do that?
No. I just make shit up and post it for fun. :thumbsup:

Is he serious?

For a test try adding a little water to your next tank of gas. Let us know how it works out.

I wasn't trying to stir the pot, just curious. I understand that water in the gas is bad, just didn't know it would have this effect.

A bead of water half the size of a BB will entirely block a main jet. The surface tension on the water droplet is too strong for the drop to pass through the jet, and it will basically just shut off the circuit it gets into.

Alcohol absorbs water, which then makes it soluble in gasoline, and the water will pass through with no effect.

Cool, thanks for the explination. I drained the carb 3-4 times and also put in a fresh air filter. It starts easier, but still won't idle. I haven't put alcohol in the gas yet as we rolled into town after everything was closed...I'll pick some up tomorrow. Is it rubbing alcohol that I should be using? I have a 9/10 full 3.3 IMS tank, so how much should I add? How about pulling the jets out for inspection? Thanks again.

As I said,

...add a half pint of alcohol (any kind) to your gas tank.

If you still have a problem afterwards, then pull the jets to clear them.

Cool, thanks again.

Hey Grey, question for you... I read that rubbing alcohol contains 30-40% water?! Wouldn't that be like adding more water to the gas? If it's not a problem then I'll grab the rubbing alcohol from the pharmacy on the way home. Thanks again for all the help.

It's generally true that isopropyl is only about 70% straight, but it will still absorb water, and the water it contains will not be a detriment. You're probably only chasing a half teaspoon of water, and it will easily absorb that. If you're worried about it anyway, most drug stores sell ethyl alcohol or denatured alcohol as well. Or you can go to a paint store instead.

Great, thanks a bunch. Hopefully this will put everything back to normal.

I have a little baby funnel just for this problem.I pull the fuel line off petcock,shove the funnel in the line,open drain screw on bowl and flush away.I usually use a 1/4 bottle flushing the carb and a 1/4 in the tank.Any air brake system dryer or gas line anti freek will do wonders.

Well, got the rubbing alcohol and put it in the tank, sloshed it around for about 5 min then turned the petcock to on...kick it over like 5-6 times and nothing. Kick it over the 7th time and the kick level kicked me back so hard it twisted my ankle something brutal...actually kicked my hiking shoe right off my foot. Guess that serves me for kicking it over with hiking shoes on. I don't think I'll be able to try again for at least 4-5 days as my ankle is black.

Like being shot in the foot, ain't it?

While you're waiting for your ankle to recover, check the cam timing.

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