Who's doing the Jumping Cow

Finally, after job changes, lousy timimng on family events, financial restrictions, etc.......

I am actually going to have the time and the money to do the jumping cow enduro, After taking a look at the classes I think I will probably enter the senior C class.

Any other TTr's going to be taking part in this event?


I'm planning on it. :)


Do you know what group you are going to enter yet?


I was going to do it, but now they moved the race up a week. It now conflicts with my family trip to Big Mac. The wife and kids are looking forward to playing on the beach. Doesn't look good for me.

This is only my second enduro, so probably 4 stroke C. I'll be tenting it and driving a 91 red chevy pickup.

Is this a replacement for the old Limon event? Loops with special tests? I'm not sure if I can make it then or not. I'll have to check and see.

You can think of it as a replacement for Limon, but the

"Last Chance Enduro" was the semi-not-quite-just-but-almost

replacement. Since there was no LC this year, I guess this

is this year's replacement.

From what I've gathered (I didn't race it last year), come

prepared for mud and wet conditions. Rumors..all rumors

and innuendo. No facts. Just friends who should know.

I didnt hear they moved it up. What is the date now any thing change I might be able to do it the previous dates where a big Moab trip

It will be Sept. 21

Any one have a link? I have been wanting to give one a try.


Thats too bad, from the standings aren't you rated fairly well in senior b's?

I am really looking forward to it!! If you see a WR with black backgrounds and number 713 please say "Hi".

I probably wont be sending in the entry until later or just doing it when I get there early Sun morning.

This is gonna be a blast!!


Hey Racemile,

No, I am not doing well, I suck at enduros, but thanks anyway. I only did two enduros this year. The sand cleaned my clock at Kachina and I managed a 6th at Snowshoe, mostly because the heat and terrain DNFed alot of the faster guys in my class. The only reason I am 21/41 is that very few guys do alot of races.

I may still get to do Jumping Cow if there is a rainy forecast for Big Mac that weekend.

I did this race last year, it was pretty fun, it was definately an easy "prairie enduro." There were a few short sand sections, a few logs to ride over, one short loose hill and some mudbogs, but nothing like the mtn enduros. The hardest part about going fast there is having the balls (and memory, since you do laps) to hold the throttle open over the top of blind hills.

Get race info at:


I'll be there.

The link for the race is RMEC

Last year this race was about a 20 mile loop with 3 different special test. We ran in Eastern Colorado creek bottoms, lots of down trees to cross. If it rains those bottoms will fill with water and be a mess. Great event, my girlfriend thinks its a good spectator one.

The group that put on Limon and later Peetz Table are no longer putting on an event. This is a different promotor. A similiar format though.

I replied on the YZ side, but I'll be there too.

Have one 1st timer and two brothers on my minutes.

Should prove amusing. :)


look at my avitar thing

I just got my number, I'll be 33A, my buddy will be on an XR400 and is on the same minute as me. I wont be driving the 91 red chevy pickup anymore, I gave it the final up yours and traded it in on a new silver Tacoma. If you see me there, stop by and say hi. I'll be watching for you guys there. :)

I'll be watching for you guys there. :)

Same here.. I'm headed out Friday night. Look for a 29'

Winnebago, with THMERFS plates pulling a gray Haulmark


See ya there!


I won't make it in until sunday morning and I am hoping I will still be able to get in the race then.

My daughter has homcoming sat night, but, I plan on being there. I ran through the maint checklist on the bike this weekend.

I will be in a big green gas eating excursion (v10) and 713 on the blue bike.


Get out there early Sunday morning and you will have no problem signing up.

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