XR's Only----------Again

I recommended XR's Only to a friend of mine a few weeks ago. His XR 400 decided to leave the trailer he was towing while he was going down a bumpy road and left him with some broken/scratched/ruined parts. He had some problems with his order not arriving as promised and then recieved the wrong parts---- twice !!

It was after the first screwup that I found the thread posted here about XR's Only, too late.

My friend has written an open letter and I agreed to post it here for him. He has given up and is not calling XR's back again. He has orderd the parts and more ($248 worth) from Baja Designs.

I feel badly because I recomended him to XR's Only, the one order I place with them was done correctly the first time.

Here is Steve's letter:

"In the third week of July I called XRs only and placed a order for a

front fender, seat cover and tank graphic kit for my 2000 XR 400. The seat

cover and tank graphic were pictured in their catalog and the pattern

flowed from one to the other. I was told that I should see my order in

about 10 day or so. When two weeks went past and nothing came I called and was

told that the graphic and seat cover were back orderd but the front fender

could be sent out. This I was by their manager. The front fender arrived

with a seat cover in about 7 days later. This seat cover was not the one

pictured. So I called again and spoke to their manager again and explained my

situation. This time I was put on hold as he checked the warehouse stock.

He then informed that they had three of these graphic and seat cover

combinations in stock and one would be sent out that day. On August 28th

about 7 days later I received the graphics and seat cover but the wrong

seat cover again. This seat cover is almost like the one first sent out. I'm

writing this because my friend told I'm not the only one out their having

trouble getting their ordered items as promised.

I'm tired of trying in Tacoma Wa

Steve Miller"

But he did get 20% off and a free tee shirt right? :D To the XR'S only staff, if you read this, heres to you :)

I will never, ever buy from you puds! :D


I have to get on my soap box for this one. I have ordered nurmerous times from xr's only and have had all my parts when promised and the correct order and I am clean on the other end of the country in NJ!! And just the other day I had a problem and called them and was treated with the ut most respect!! There are 2 sides of a coin in all stories. I am sure some orders do get messed up but I don't belive in bashing the guy in an open form. I have had worse servie from my local dealer who I purchased my bike from and visit regularly and they know who I am. And xr's only wouldnt know who i was if they tripped over me and have given me better servie than my local dealer. Xr's only is A O K in my book!!! :)

What is wrong with bashing XR's Only in a open forum???

Whats wrong with complimenting XR's Only in an open forum???

Good and bad info about the company are being shared with potential customers. Should TT only allow complimentary posts? complaint posts? Both is the answer.

Caveat Emptor- let the buyer beware. How can that happen if one side or the other is stifled???

Dont get me started on bad customer service, I will tell you about a seat that was on order for a year and a month {not from XR's Only}

Freedom of speech, what a concept!! :)


Good to see you have had good luck (and thats all it is!) from XR's Only. You are one of few. Consider yourself lucky. :)

I have ordered from XR's Only and have been pleased with the service I recieved. They are good people and deserve to be treated with respect.

Let's be fair here. Look at all the posts from all the groups you read from. How many good and bad posts for XR's Only? If you take out the planted ones from Apple Valley and VictorVille. It's about 50/50. I have thought about it and yes you do have a better chance of getting good service ording more then once from them; then you will win playing the Lotto. It starts at the top. New emploees make mistakes managers fix them. Not get snooty or cover for out and out lies. Noone ever offered a t-shirt or 20% off. Like I said before this will fix itself one way or another. If we keep buying from them and they keep putting out bad service there will be more bad posts. Sooner or later business will be fixed if we blow the whisle on the bad business and keep telling of the ones that go out of there way to go a step futher then just triing to make a quik buck. Burnums, Aftershocks and others that have done more then they get paid for. I will pay the extra to buy from them. XR's Only never called; no shirt no spring no 20% off nothing. AfterShocks http://www.aftershocks-

suspension.com/pages/contact.htm put Mr. Lewis on hold fond the spring and we had it in two day's and made no money off in. (it was cheeper also). I will look for something to buy from a business like that.

all and all this sounds like your average poorly run company resting on a past laurels and a catchy name. Thing is they just seem sloppy and not dishonest unlike Joe Racer Products a company that ripped me off and knew it all along and refuses to return any phone calls. I know nothing about xrsonly but from what ive read i bet id have a 75% chance of getting an order filled correctly; not so great. But if it wasnt right it seems they would try to fix it. And yes i think if you have a poor experience or a good one it is worth sharing. With that in mind disregard everything about xrsonly; what do i know maybe they rock.

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