WR450 wheelie...

While riding with the Utah boys this weekend I finally learned how to ride a wheelie! :)

wr450 wheelie

If you learned all that this weekend, by next month I expect to see you on the new freestyle circuit!

Lookin' VERY good!

Nice :)

I also practice my skills last week ends. And I got proofs to show. A nice set of elbows sporting nice grass rash :D

I got too hasty and ended up over the balance point OUPS!

I should of stayed with the bike, it did almost 70 ft alone before going down. It's a good thing I had all the protective gear but I think the next set of pants will have more padding on the derrière :D

I'm sure I'm going to "master" the 3rd - 4th shift before the snow.


Oh, I know Brandon loved to see that! This is a guy who NEVER sits down, and wheelies at every opportunity! :)

Sweet! Nice one David! I was doing those yesterday on the way to a buddies house....and passed a CHP! OOPS! Not to mention I was in a wheely doing 45 in a 25 zone :) Wish I had a helmet cam on. I hit a side road and rode dirt the rest of the way.

Dave who are you kiddin? Finally learned how.....yeah right!

Nice job, looks like some nice hills in the background as well :)

Wow Dave, I'm totally impressed! :D Those 2 wheelies are so smooth... :) I've never felt comfortable to wheelie while sitted (seated?? whatever...). What is the trick? Be my teacher!

So it should only take me about a day to learn how to do that!

Cool :)

Hey CISCO, that's pretty good. :D I was teaching a friend of mine how to wheelie is XR250 on this back road, and as I'm watching him practice, he finally figures it out. Nice smooth second gear with good throttle control, going the distance of the road (maybe 1/8 mile). As he's half way down the street, an MP car pulls up on his fender "lights flashing :D." I'm talking their bumper was just about kissing his fender. I was in awe that he just kept going. Then at the end of the road he drops the front and hauls ass right by me down the trail. So I'm trying to keep up with him and finally he stops. He's starts telling me that was the coolest wheelie ever (which it was quite a good one being in pursuit and all :D) and I start asking him about the MP car and he says "What MP car?" :) I just about died. :D He does a full blown wheelie and I thought he was just showing a blatant disregard for the law, and he didn't even know they were there. :D

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