what happened??

These carbs have a habit of getting pretty dirty internally. You might start with cleaning the circuits paying special attention to the pilot jet and pilot air jet as this is the circuit that controls the mixture at idle and to 1/4 throttle. I also found quite a bit of debris in the accelerator pump bottom plate. Dirty usually enters here at the tiny rubber sleeve that the pump rod slides through. While you are at it, I'd check the valve lash. Since valves have a tendency to get tighter after a while. you may have a valve or two that won't quite close completely.

Hi fellas, i got a question for you I know you can help. I've been ridding my 00' 426 for over a year now and it has been a VERY rare occasion that the bike has not fired on the first kick. All of the sudden on my last two rides I'm having a hell of a time getting her started. I put in a new plug, always keep a fresh filter, and have not changed anything on the bike. What's up? Where should I start troubleshooting? Thanks for any help you can offer.


Is it only hard to start when cold, or just harder to start in general? Not that I would know what to tell you either way...

I’ve heard that if you let the valve clearance go too far out of spec they do get harder to start. I suppose at lower piston speeds, like when being kick started, a bit too much compression is leaking out of a valve that is just hanging open.

But if that ain’t it, I’d try some combination of choke and hot start at the same time. If it starts easier, or at least tries to with this method, you may have a partially obstructed circuit in your carb like Boit says.

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I've had a similar problem before. Did you change the gas you were using? You could have gotten a "bad" batch of gas.

I've attributed the problem I had with gas. I checked the plug, the accel pump, the valves, the carb and everything checked out. So I drained the tank and put fresh gas from a different station in and it's been good ever since.

I guess I can't be positive that was it, but it worked and is possible.

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